Using Heat & Acne together! Don’t miss out!

Teen acne treatment – Chaleur’s Renewal mask contains powerful brightening ingredients that help to the skin heal and brighten post break out.  Use of Chaleur’s self-heating mask helps to detoxify congested skin while the serum contains salicylic acid clinically known to clear and prevent breakouts.  The serum has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to aid in calming sensitive skin which can lead to further acne flare ups.  Last, the oil-free moisturizer is perfect to help regulate teenage skin.  It is a light formula with a matte finish.  Many teens feel they need to dry out their skin to avoid breakouts.  They do not realize, this has the opposite effect!  Overly drying out young skin will cause it to produce more oil leading to more congestion, leading to more pimples flare ups.  The Chaleur treatment is wonderfully effective for anyone with the occasional flare up, recovering from an acne breakout or heavy congestion.  It is not recommended on inflamed, open, and cystic acne as that may require a doctor to monitor.

Use as follows:

  1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly with your favorite skin type appropriate cleanser
  2. Tone the skin to prep for the next step and restore the skin’s natural barrier. If you don’t have a toner splash the face with cool to cold water and pat dry.

Perform This Step 1 – 2 per week until desired results are achieved, then as needed

  1. Apply layer of Chaleur’s ThermalZyme Renewal mask
  2. Activate Chaleur’s self-heating mask in the pouch using hand wash warm water. When the mask has fully absorbed water in all cells, remove from the pouch by squeezing from the bottom up.  Apply to face with the grey cloth side down.  Allow to sit on the skin for 15 – 30 minutes.
    1. Remove mask and press in any remaining Renewal mask.
  3. Apply Chaleur’s ThermalZyme Serum – allow to fully absorb into the skin
  4. Apply Chaleur’s oil-free moisturizer and if day, SPF of choice

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