But…isn’t heat bad for the skin/face?

We have been using the benefits and power of moist heat for years in skin and hair care.  When your hairdresser puts a mask on your hair, the next thing they do is add heat.  It is true, dry is heat is not beneficial to the face and can do more harm than good however, it is a much more is involved explanation than a simple yes or no.  For the purpose of this post, I will not get into that now.  I would like to focus on the many studies being conducted, currently, showing the benefits of moist heat to be abundant.  Moist heat is known to increase blood flow. Blood flow helps nourish skin cells and in turn helps them function better.  The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. “Feed” it with the proper nutrition and you will have heathier, better functioning cells (skin).  Additionally, blood helps to carry away waste products, including free radicals.  Therefore, we use Chaleur’s moist heat mask to harness heats benefits.  It controls the level of heat, making it consistent, comforting and targeted.  It is designed to be moist heat rather than dry heat (which dehydrates the skin) finally, aiding in the delivery of active ingredients deeper into the skin.

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