Not your average mask!

Ever heard of a mask that can benefit the skin and overall wellbeing?  Well you have now! Chaleur’s patented technology for self-heating, moist heat has a wonderful by product for sound therapy.  Massage technicians are using the mask to invite deeper relaxation for their guest.  In today’s society and 24-7 access to work, it is easy to see what stress relief treatments are on the rise.  If you are like me….and many of you are, we understand the importance of regular massage and its positive impact on our life’s, however I have trouble shutting off my brain.  I don’t think I have ever allowed myself to fully relax during a massage or facial.  True story, I had been suffering from terrible insomnia.  I had little to no sleep for days because my mind would not stop thinking, worrying, working!  Thus, my skin suffered.  It was dull, shallow, and extremely dry so I decided to mask.  I didn’t have a lot of time….that is not true… I had the time but I can’t sit still, so I put my favorite hydration mask on and added the Chaleur self-heating mask on top to speed results.  I woke up 45 mins later completely refreshed!  I am not discounting the idea I was completely exhausted but I must tell you, when I put the mask on, the weight felt like a snuggly cocoon.  Its moist warmth wasn’t hot at all but comforting.  The thing I was not expecting, there was a crackling in the ears that sounded like rain or crackling of a fire.  Without trying, my brain focused on the soothing sound and I was out!   When I woke up, yes, my skin was hydrated from the mask but it was also brighter, healthier looking from the circulation of the moist heat.  That is what gave me the idea to pitch to spa’s.  What an amazing, deep relaxation enhancement!  The spa’s using it in this way are getting great feedback.  Best of all, it is so unique, it is incredibly memorable to the guests. After all, that is what we are trying to create, a memorable experience that keeps them coming back!  P.S.  it makes a great heated neck roll when finished and stays warm for up to 1 hour.

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