The Power of ThermalZyme! What’s in a serum?

With so many products on the market, how do I choose the best one for me?  My recommendation…. DON’T!  Professional estheticians are trained and study the many ingredients on the market and how they work.  Many products may have great ingredients but not in formulations that work best.  One thing I will recommend that everyone needs is a good antioxidant.  Vitamin C has been and still remains the gold standard in this arena but not all are created equal.  I like to test a sample by cutting an apple slice.  I place the sample product on one side and simply watch what happens.  It should stay (relatively) crisp and clean for 6-8 hours. This is a great way to save your money and NOT buy a product that does not work.  Chaleur’s signature ThermalZyme contains a protective ingredient that “Super Amours” the cells when they encounter heat.  If you use an anti-oxidant such as Vitamin C and layer the ThermalZyme Serum which contains 5% of this active; you will effectively create a powerful UVA (aging, free radical causing), UVB (tanning and free radical causing), Infared (collagen breaking) protections that is truly anti-aging.  I also consider this my “go-to” product for anyone struggling with rosacea.  Rosacea is an inflammatory disorder that is triggered by heat and sun.  Adding Chaleur’s ThermalZyme Serum to their routine with sunscreen can be a powerful healing treatment.

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