To peel or not to peel….that is the question?

There is so much confusion on the market with the recent legislation banning plastic microbeads in personal care products.  They were found to be an environmental hazard; you can google information on it if you want to dig deeper, but it got me thinking.  Now what?  It seems like every month a new article is coming out contradicting itself regarding exfoliation being good or bad.  To simplify, from an estheticians point of view…. “all things taken to the extreme are bad for you!”  All exfoliation is good until you take it to extremes and then its bad.  Don’t judge!  I said I was going to be simple!  Here is the thing, when you really understand the power and dangers of exfoliating the skin, this is my humble recommendation.  Stick to a professional!  I love exfoliation and I am a huge fan but I have seen people “educate” themselves via youtube and google and have created a problem for professionals to fix.  Don’t get me wrong, I love how much information we have at our finger tips today!  I truly believe it forces professional to seek higher learning if they want to survive in the industry however, I caution consumers to NOT get caught in the sales tunnel.  The sales tunnel is designed to suck you in and focus on “the pretty light” and it tends to leave out the maintenance, prep, and post care often needed with exfoliation treatments.  That is one (of the many) reasons I feel strongly about seeking a professional when having a targeted exfoliation/treatment goal.

My recommendation for home care, I prefer my clients, friends, family to use a gentle daily enzyme (for more sensitive), AHA (aging) or BHA (oily or acne) in your cleanser.  In general, they contain just enough to keep your skin “awake”.  To be clear, I am speaking of the face and neck ONLY and not the body… that is for another post J  If you want deeper exfoliation or have a goal you are trying to achieve, consult with a professional.  We have many options to choose from and will make sure you understand the pre-and-post care instructions for your plan.  Personally, I have certain times per year I like to start clients on an aggressive plan and times of the year I avoid it!  I hope this gave you some insight.  Exfoliation is GREAT! But don’t compromise your skin by doing too much of a good thing.

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