1. How does the heat work?

It’s simple! Our self-heating tools contain a blend of proprietary minerals that heat up when you add water. The Chaleur moist-heat opens the pores of the skin and absorbs nasty toxins and build up. At the same time, Chaleur skin care is activated and driven deep into the skin to repair and reverse the signs of aging.

2. Does it hurt?

No! Chaleur’s self-heating mask feels like a nice warm day on the Mediterranean Sea in a facial treatment.  It’s weight and soothing ocean sounds over the ears are perfect for relaxation.

3. Will it burn me?

No, but use caution. If the mask feels too hot for your hands, it is too hot for the face. Use luke warm water. Rest assured, if instructions are followed, you will have a pleasant experience.

4. Will I be red or puffy?

No. You can apply make-up and go on with your day/night after each treatment. Your skin will have better circulation resulting in firmer, healthy looking skin.

4. Can I be allergic to Chaleur?

If you know of or have a specific allergy to anything listed on the ingredient deck- we do not recommend using our treatment.  However, our mask is made with food grade minerals such as sea salt, magnesium, black lava rock and red algae.  To date, we have not had a reported case of any allergic reactions.

4. What if it doesn’t work?

Visit our Learning Page and make sure you’ve followed the instructions.
If that doesn’t help- you can call, chat, or email customer support.