Meet Dan Young , Founder CEO

The Chaleur Story

Chaleur- Beauty Enhanced by Heat is the result of some accidental experimentation and good parenting by Founder and Inventor Dan Young. Dan is known by many as “the mad heat scientist.” Dan is the inventor of a proprietary blend of minerals called LavaGel which is the only self-heating technology of its kind in the world. You add water and get heat- no power required. This revolutionary technology began to change industries around the globe from self-heating medical blankets to food trays.

Fast-forward several years when Dan’s daughter began to suffer from crippling menstrual
cramps. The pain was so bad she couldn’t move. Doctor appointment after doctor
appointment, nothing could be done other than heavy pain medications. Dan researched herbs, Chinese medicine and essential oils are known for their pain relief capabilities. He created a mixture and added it into a LavaGel self-heating patch, and immediately his daughter got relief. For Dan and his family, it was truly a miracle. He created enough of these patches for his other 2 daughters and his wife to try. Doctors confirmed the steam-heat was driving and activating the natural remedies at a rate more than 1000X’s the normal, topical application!

The women of Dan’s family continued their pain-free lives wearing these patches to school,
work, etc. several months later- they noticed something even more incredible. The skin on their abdomens were firmer, smoother, younger looking. Especially his wife noticed an incredible difference in areas where she had some fine lines and age spots. It was literally repairing and reversing the signs of aging.

Naturally, his family wanted heat-patches for their face. Dan went off around the globe
sourcing the best, heat activated, natural ingredients to repair aging and created Chaleur,  which means heat in French.

It started with 1 heated mask and 1 gel mask to reverse up to 20 different signs of aging. Today Chaleur has anti-aging systems for the face, hands, feet, and more!

Soon enough it went from family to friends to friends of friends and eventually to spa’s all
around the world and now this incredible technology is available for everyone.