Bridgette, North Carolina

“I have never experienced something so unique before in my life. I am getting older, but can’t stand the thought of Botox or lasers. My friend gave me her bottle of Chaleur Gel Mask and a few heating masks… It was so different at first, but when I took off the heated mask, immediately my skin was brighter and firmer!”

Amy, California

“I have used every anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, anti- anything product! Nothing is quite like putting a steamy, thick, mask on top of my products and feeling them work. My redness was gone after the first time, and after about a month the lines on my face disappeared.”

Heidi, Georgia

“This is so much more than an at home facial. You can literally feel the heated mask opening your pores, pulling out the yucky stuff, and pushing in the good stuff. I can’t use skin-care any other way.”

Lori, Washington

“I have, or I should say had, the worst bags under my eyes ever! I started using the Chaleur serum every day and after the first 3 days, I noticed a difference. 3 months later, people ask me if I got my eyes done.”

Christine, Texas

“Chaleur is so different. You add water into this little pouch, and all the sudden this steamy warm mask is ready for your face. It’s like magic! You lay under this mask that smells good, sounds relaxing, and actually, shows a difference in your skin. Try it now!”